We provide top quality consulting services for value creation for companies and their owners.

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We specialize in transactional projects related to the sale of shares in companies. Typically, the sale is 100% of shares or majority control share. Buyers are companies in the industry, private equity funds or private investors.

Selling a company is a very complex process. In a company's history it is a groundbreaking event. From the point of view of current owners, it’s one of the most important decisions in their lives. Therefore, there is no place for just learning and experimenting.

Market leaders grow as a result of successful acquisitions and mergers with other companies. Currently, a number of industries are in the process of consolidation due to increased competition and reaching maturity. It is predicted that this process will intensify.

We help companies and investors who:

  • Plan to take over or merge with other companies in order to accelerate the growth of their business
  • They want to invest capital in new companies and ventures

We assist in the whole process of taking over or combining. We supervise and coordinate all auxiliary activities related to legal and tax services.


I am very grateful to the Holon-Translink team for handling this complex process smoothly and safely. Holon-Translink's extensive access to foreign investors proved to be the key to success, putting our family business in the best possible hands to guarantee future growth and security. At the same time, thanks to Holon's creativity in finding solutions and ability to overcome problems, we were able to negotiate very favourable transaction terms. Our success would not have been possible without full mutual trust.

Marcin Bąk
Owner, CEO, Spedimex Sp. z o.o.

Together with Holon-Translink advisory team, we were able to work out the optimal solution that not only allows us to sell the company to a global concern on very good terms, but also guarantees that my sons will remain in the business as both co-owners of the company and high-level managers in a global organization. Thus, I feel that our long-standing know-how will be put to even better use, and the merger with a global player will provide an opportunity for both faster growth and stability.

Jarosław Malinowski
Owner, CEO, Fox Recykling

Thanks to the deep engagement of the Holon team and the involvement of the Translink CF office network, in particular the French office, we have found the right investor and partner for the further development of JCommerce. Integration with Inetum Polska is an opportunity for the development of our employees, expansion of the offer for customers and new challenges for JCommerce executives. As always in similar transactions, negotiation experience and efficient process management was essential to achieve final success.

Piotr Zyguła
Owner CEO, JCommerce

It was a successful process of finding a strategic investor in turbulent times. Thanks to the deep transactional experience of the Holon team and the strong network of Translink CF offices, we have found the right partner to carry out the succession process and for the future development of Elektrotermex.

Janusz Mielnicki
Owner, CEO, Elektrotermex

While we were drawn to Translink because of its global reach and cross-border M&A expertise, I was highly impressed that once engaged, Translink considered all options including developing the conditions to sell our stake to the Group's existing minority partner in Touring Editore.

Giampiero Di Martino
Board Member of Giunti Editore SpA, previous MD of Touring Editore, Giunti Group

I have to personally thank John Blake and Mario Oriani Ambrosini, partners of Translink South Africa, for their ability in turning around the negotiation with our target. They have been really instrumental in completing the transaction.

Andrea Monti Guarnieri
Director of Business Development, Ariston Thermo

We have used Translink Corporate Finance as trusted advisors when acquiring a majority shareholding in a NASDAQ Copenhagen listed company – and with services and assistance at a very high professional level.

Bjarke Salomonsen
CEO and Co-founder, Firstcom A/S

Holon Consultants played a key role in the difficult process of selling our coffee shops, achieving the best price and attracting a reputable investor. Their effectiveness and high level of business culture in holding negotiations gained our appreciation.

Jan Rogoń
CFO, Tchibo Poland Sp. z o.o.

We worked with Holon many times, equally on the same side and on opposite sides of the table. In both cases, they demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, professional ethics and, primarily, the rare ability to complete the impossible.

Przemek Szczepański
Founding Partner, Syntaxis Capital

Holon is extremely experienced in advising entrepreneurs on dealing with financial investors. Its team played an important role at every stage of the Akomex transaction. It effectively helped arrive at an understanding which enabled all parties to achieve their fundamental objectives.

Dawid Walendowski
Managing Partner, Highlander Partners

Holon showed us alternate paths for increasing market value and recommended the best. Today, we can see that directing us towards the private equity market has placed the company in the top league of business. We believe that Holon is simply a team of professional and trustworthy people.

Krzysztof Koniecko
Owner, Dystrybucja Polska Sp. z o.o.

We carry out projects related to financing a company's development or financing investment projects. The investment is usually financed through a capital increase, a mezzanine loan or a bank debt, or a combination of these instruments.

Our services are complex. We take responsibility for the whole process. We supervise and coordinate all auxiliary activities related to legal and tax services.

We help in rescuing or recovering liquidity, repairing the ‘pasiva’ side of the balance sheet and improving the long-term financing structure of companies.

This is most often the result of obtaining additional financing to rebuild working capital, to refinance existing debt and strengthen the company's capital. This is often associated with the sale of part of the business, concentration on the core business of the company, securing of new investors for the company and refinancing of bank debt.
Our services are complex. We help in negotiations with partners, bondholders, banks and other stakeholders.

We carry out buyout transactions by groups of managers. We help prepare the project from the point of view of their needs and those of the capital and debt providers.

We attract investors and banks that finance the transaction. Leveraged Buy Out / Management Buy Out consists of purchasing of the business by external investors, or the board of directors of the company, using borrowed money. For this reason, the amount of capital that the acquirer must engage is low. It usually ranges from 10 - 25% of the value of the whole transaction. The debt is "transferred" to the LBO-financed company and repaid within a few (five to six) years, through profit or, more specifically, the free cash flow that the company will generate. In a nutshell, that’s how to describe a leveraged buyout operation.