Holon is part of the global network of Translink Corporate Finance.

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Holon is a part of Translink Corporate Finance, a global advisory network specialised in executing M&A transactions involving foreign investors.

 Translink Corporate Finance is one of the longest-established and most respected global networks of M&A advisors. Established in 1972 in Switzerland, it currently includes over 30 offices and 600 professionals across the globe. Access to the Translink Corporate Finance global network allows Holon to maximise its clients opportunities in finding the best investor, or acquisition opportunity, not only in Poland but also overseas.

To the clients interested in selling to foreign investors, Translink Corporate Finance guarantees more opportunities for quick identification of potential investors and reaching them effectively. This applies not only to European countries but also to India, China or South Africa, where we observe increased interest in buying companies in Poland.

To the clients who are interested in expanding overseas through acquisitions or strategic partnerships, Translink can provide identification of potential acquisitions and mergers around the world. Translink’s strong local offices have the expertise not only with respect to companies available on the market, that can be taken over, but also to niche entities or special buying opportunities.

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Holon is part of Translink Corporate Finance - a global network of advisory firms specializing in conducting equity transactions involving foreign investors.