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M&A advisory to owners of Klinika Bocian – the leading centers providing infertility treatment, gynecology and obstetrics services in Poland – in the process of purchase of the Ab ovo Specialist Infertility Treatment Clinic

The nationwide network Bocian Clinic, specialising in infertility diagnostics and treatment, acquired 100% of shares in Lublin-based Ab ovo Infertility Treatment Centre. Holon acted as exclusive transaction advisor to the buying party. This is the third acquisition completed by Holon for this client in the last four years, following the acquisition of Ivita Clinic in Poznan, Poland and My Clinic Riga in Latvia.

Bocian Clinic is one of the largest Polish networks offering diagnosis and treatment of infertility. Its medical services are used by about 30,000 patients a year. Currently Bocian group already includes 7 centers located in large Polish cities: Białystok, Warsaw, Katowice, Poznań, Szczecin and Lublin, as well as a foreign facility in Latvia.

- We are systematically strengthening our position on the infertility treatment market in Poland. The Ab ovo clinic with its profile fits perfectly into our activity, also in the area of offered methods of assisted reproduction using in vitro. We are glad that we have acquired a highly specialized entity with a competent team and many years of experience. We will strive for full integration of Ab ovo with our other facilities, which is why soon we will focus on the implementation of processes, systems and standards developed by us to improve the service and treatment of patients” - says Krzysztof Mrugacz, Financial and Operational Director of Bocian Clinic.

Ab ovo brings together specialists in the field of gynecology and obstetrics, endocrinology, anesthesiology, urology and radiology. For over 15 years Ab ovo has been involved in the diagnosis and treatment of couples struggling with infertility. The facility has comfortable gynecological offices, a treatment room, as well as a modern embryological and diagnostic laboratory. Patients can approach here insemination procedures and procedures of in vitro fertilization. The center also offers services in the field of pregnancy and gynecology, ultrasound and a number of laboratory tests, including semen tests, can be performed on site.

“It is estimated   that up to 15-20% of couples of childbearing age struggle with the problem of infertility. This is a really large group of people who need professional treatment. We are trying to be closer and closer to patients, including those living in the eastern regions of the country. Therefore, we see great potential in Lublin and the Ab ovo facility, which we intend to develop in the near future. We will cooperate with the current team, but also employ additional medical staff. Soon, we are also planning to change the name, because the centre will operate under the name of Klinika Bocian Lublin” – adds Krzysztof Mrugacz, Financial and Operational Director of Bocian Clinic.

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Bocian Clinic has been on the market for 16 years. The first facility was launched in Białystok, the next one started to receive patients in Warsaw in 2014. In the following years, the Klinika Bocian developed intensively in an organic way by opening new centers in Katowice, Warsaw and Szczecin. Since 2018, growth has accelerated through acquisitions: first, the acquisition of the Invita Clinic in Poznan in 2018, followed in 2021 by the acquisition of a majority stake in the highly regarded infertility treatment facility in Latvia - My Clinic Riga. Bocian Clinic offers patients comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of infertility using the most advanced reproductive medicine technologies, including in vitro fertilization. It also provides gynecology and obstetrics services.

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Ab ovo is the longest operating private infertility treatment centre in Lublin. The facility specializes in the therapy of female and male fertility disorders, it also performs in vitro fertilization and insemination procedures.  It offers a full range of medical services from consultations and diagnostic services to advanced treatment.  The clinic was established in 2000.